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🌟 Sissy fuss

"In 500 feet, you will arrive at your destination," the Witch announced.

I could barely hear her over the trucks growling toward us on the other side of the road. A nonstop parade of them had been chugging out of the canyon like ants ever since the freeway. Each one groaned under at least one backpack overflowing with boulders.

"Where are they all going?" I asked.

"There must be a quarry." Mom shrugged un-curiously. "Construction, maybe?"

"So that's how the pyramids were built!" I looked in wonder at the procession of rocks and the dusty desert they'd come from. "All this time I thought it was aliens."

"I'm pretty sure they're not for a pyramid, but there aren't enough countertops in the world..." Mom made a face like not knowing an answer upset her stomach. "It's like they're moving a whole mountain."

"I don't think rocks should go on vacation," I decided.

The road ended in a lasso that swung the car-house around almost a full rotation before flinging us into an empty car kennel. The car-house steered into a parking spot decorated with its own picnic table and its very own boulder.

We dismounted and Mom led me back into the center of the lasso, where a figure squatted expectantly. It had a backpack full of envelopes on one side, and a hungry half-open beak on the other. Mom pulled an envelope out of the slot .

Suddenly, a truck charged into the lasso, filling the whole world around us. "ROAR!" it growled.

Mom froze with an envelope in one hand and my leash in the other as it circled. I tucked my ears back to show I wasn't a threat.

The monster halted and let out a screech like a carrion bird. Then it backed up for a closer look.

"ROAR" the truck said again, setting its headlights on the car-house and licking its chops.

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