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Oscar's Story


People love you most when you love them right back.

Celebrating your Fans is what makes a dog a celebrity, so I'm here to celebrate you.

If your mission is to pet all the dogs, my mission is to give you my butt for petting!

Oscar is a coach.

I began writing when Mom and I joined a Facebook running community. When I saw how many runners let worries about doing it right ruin their runs, I had to act.


So I began sharing running advice. Since running is a lot like life, running advice turned into life advice. And travel tips.

Dogs have always had good advice, if only people would listen. 

Oscar is an explorer.

When I was 4, Mom took me on my first road trip. We discovered that living in a car-house made it easier to reach dog-friendly trails all over the West.

So we bought The Covered Wagon. 

Now I've visited about half of the states in America, mostly the ones in the West.


Oscar is a model.

On the road I discovered that striking landscapes only enhance my good looks. So I added "model" to my list of skills. 

I made a whole page where you can gaze at my portraits.

Oscar is an author.

I wrote my first book, The West: One Dog's Journey of Discovery and Adventure in 2018. For The West, I compiled some of my favorite adventures from my blog.


But I think I can do better.

I still want to write The Great American Western that will touch my Friends' hearts and give you the same joy that your pats give me. 


Oscar has a future.

I have big plans to connect with my Friends, and help my Friends connect with others and themselves through nature.


The adventure is no fun without you, so please come along for the ride! 


Be sure to check out the Connect page of this website to let me know where you like to hang out.


Oscar's promise.

I love you and wants you to be happy. I am dedicated to creating an environment where everyone is loved for who they really are.

I will bark away anyone who makes any of my Friends feel bad about themselves, glorify violence against dogs, or reinforce the harmful stereotypes against dogs.


I will never, ever tell a story where the dog dies at the end.

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