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🌟 Dog-gistics

Pawthor’s note: Even though these stories were written years ago, it takes a long time to edit them, make four different versions for Substack and my blog, chop it into seven parts to put on Facebook and Instagram, and then paint all the pictures for it. Mom didn’t notice that she rewrote the same part twice until Monday, and then it was far too late to fix it!

The first half of this post tells the same story as the last half of last week’s post, but the tellings are different. We polished last week’s version a month ago. We finished up this week’s version a few days ago. If you read the two versions together, you’ll find that Mom’s more of an interpreter than a translator. She writes what I tell her in wildly different ways depending on her mood.

I’ll also be posting all three versions of the story on Facebook – (1) the original from 2019, (2) last week’s version, (3) this week’s version – along with more behind-the-scenes peeks into our collaborative process.

As always, the Mom Notes are fresh.

Mom and I agree that runs aren't for lollygagging, but we disagree about walks. In Mom's world, a sidewalk is a contract and the walk itself is about steady, constant movement. If she had her way, we would walk out the door and then just keep walking in straight lines until we arrived back at the door again.

No wonder she never gets excited for walks. What's to look forward to when all you see is the sidewalk in front of you? Mom would have no curiosity at all if she didn't have me to remind her to take an interest in the marvels happining around us.

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