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Tintin Quarantino Updates

Have you ever committed to a goal so big that you're afraid to tell anyone about it? 


Until one day you realize that you've put so much work in that there's no stopping you. But there's still so much to do!


If only you had a Friend to share the excitement with... Someone you can tell, "I'm not finished yet, but I'm proud of all the work it's taken me to get here."


Mom and I have wanted to write a(nother, better) book for years, but Mom was too chicken to start.

Until now.


Since February 2023, we've been working at least 15 hours a week on a project I'm calling Tintin Quarantino for now. 


The finish line isn't in sight yet, but there's more behind us than there is in front of us. All we've got to do is keep putting one paw in front of the other.


See below for updates on how we're doing so far. 👇👇👇👇👇

Wherein the World is Oscar

Where in the World is Oscar?

IMG_9240 2.PNG

See the real-life pictures from the stories in the book and guess their locations.


(Answers are in the comments on Facebook.)

Chapter 1

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