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Saturday Meeting

Yesterday I had a meeting with a bunch of collies, but Saturday meetings are different from the meetings that we have during the work week. First of all, you don’t have to meet at the office and you can go somewhere more interesting than a conference room. When Mom let me out of the car yesterday, I saw a man and a dog waiting for me at the spot where the road ended and the woods began. When I got closer I could see that it was


Some dogs don’t know how to play tag and are only fun for bullying, but Remy knew how to have a good time. Whenever a new dog got out of a car, Remy and I surrounded them and showed off our manliness by chasing them. If the dog was lame and sat down looking scared rather than running away, the only way to chase them was to run in circles around them and bark, which is less fun than chasing but more fun with a buddy like Remy to do it with.



photo (91).jpg

Then, we made another exciting discovery. Z—, who likes to eat beef jerky with me, walked out of the trees with two chihuahuas and a lady who I’d never met before, but knew my name and already loved me. The chihuahuas weren’t good chasing dogs, but since they live so close to the ground, they found something really disgusting for us to roll in, which we all did until one of the chihuahuas peed on it, which meant that we were done sharing.

photo (92).jpg

By then Gabby and Remy had run and run, and I had chased and chased so much that we were all more relaxed. I had promoted myself from team leader to manager, and now I stayed at headquarters near the humans and barked instructions while the others chased the ball. Gabby would still chase the ball, but she left it where she caught it so that Smiling M— would go pick it up while she rested. Remy was calm enough now to give a presentation of all of the fancy tricks he knew.



Oscar the Host


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