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For Oreo

I found out last night that my friend Oreo is dealing with some health problems. I’m super sad for her, because she has be brave and spend lots of time at different vets which is really scary. And now she is going to a hospital called Ohio where she has to see a super-vet. She also probably has to get embarrassing patches of fur shaved so that they can stick annoying tentacles to her skin. Mom is devastated for Oreo’s mom,

Julia Cook Arnettwho is scared that she might have to live without Oreo. Luckily, I’m going to be a puppy forever, so Mom doesn’t have to live without me. But it does give me pause that some of the tests that they’re doing on Oreo are the same as the tests they’re doing on Mom.

Both of our hearts are so full of love and worry for Oreo and her mom that we decided to dedicate this morning’s workout to them. I dressed up like Oreo (which wasn’t hard, we’re practically twins!), and Mom dressed up like Oreo’s frog. (@Julia, please post the frog picture of Oreo to comments so that people know what I’m talking about!)

Since Oreo likes wearing her frog on her head, Mom dug around in the toy chest until she found a lime green dinosaur (which is a little like a frog) for me to wear on my head. I didn’t much like wearing a dinosaur on my head, and would much rather rip it to pieces, so Mom came up with an alternative. She made the dinosaur into a hat and strapped it on my head where I couldn’t reach it. I still didn’t care for wearing the dinosaur on my head, but I put up with it because Mom said that it would show Oreo and Julia that we were thinking of them and were sending love their way, and that is important.

Then the dinosaur hat, Mom and I all went on a run together for Oreo. I wouldn’t wear the dinosaur hat the whole time, but every time we stopped to take pictures Mom put the dinosaur hat back on my head and I dutifully sat there for at least 1/1,000,000,000 of a second before shaking it off my head. For Oreo.

Love, Oscar the Pooch



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