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🌟 Don't you know who I am?

"We should find a fancy RV park tonight," Mom decreed from the driving throne. "One of those real ritzy joints with showers and laundry, where all the residents pay taxes. Maybe we can even find somewhere with wifi..." Thinking about wifi made her sigh like someone in love.

I checked out the window to make sure I wasn't missing anything. There was nothing between me and Utah except a bunch of rocks and prickle bushes. "Where are we going to find a fancy place like that in the middle of all this nothing?" I asked.

"Nonsense! I'm sure there are plenty of places." She called on the Witch to back her up. Mom's goo-goo eyes hardened in disagreement as she poked at the secret message on the Witch's screen. Eventually, she hit the shut-up button and sighed. "I guess we're going to Reno."

"You will arrive at two twenty-three PM," the Witch added smugly.

"Sounds exciting! What's Reno famous for?"

"It used to be where you would go to get a divorce, back when divorces were illegal everywhere else," Mom said, like a divorce was a bad thing instead of her biggest achievement.

"Romantic! Sounds like the perfect place to meet ladies who are looking for a handsome man-dog that's always happy to see them and doesn't tell them how to drive." My tail wiggled just thinking about it.

As the exits got closer together, so did the trucks. Except for the car-house, it seemed like every car in Reno was a truck.

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