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This morning was a boring run. I was bored, Mom was bored, I think even the leash was bored. The only interesting thing that happened was that we came up behind a two-legged runner (just about the only human runner we saw all morning), and he was running in jeans. Without anything much else to think about, we wondered for miles and miles why someone would run in dad jeans? Well, Mom wondered that. I just wondered why he kept turning his flashlight on and off every 10 seconds or so, so that I kept thinking danger was coming and tripping Mom as I checked behind us. He was still wearing jeans each time I checked, by the way. Like I said, boring. Once he was finally gone behind us, we had even less to think about and we both just about died of boredom. But you know what exciting thing happened a few days ago that I forgot to tell you?! I hit 300 miles! Here’s a picture of me celebrating by looking like I’ve been mounted on a wall like a sea bass.

–Oscar the Pooch



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