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5 miles

Who has no thumbs and got to run 5 miles nonstop this morning? This guy!

Mom’s continued to take me out a few times a week to walk-run 4 to 6 miles. But honestly, you guys it’s been so boring that there has been nothing to talk about. Zip. Nada. No new friends. Some cats, some squirrels (one time Mom had to hang off of a fence to keep me from pulling her into the bushes). No new enemies. No interesting poops…

If you had told me 6 months ago that running 5 miles at a minute per mile slower than our then-recovery-pace would be cause for celebration, I wouldn’t have believed you. I keep trying to put a positive, motivational or humbling spin on it, but honestly it’s getting kind of depressing to write about.

But this morning Mom held it together for the full 5 miles and even though I don’t have anything funny to say about it, we’re celebrating that.

–Oscar the Pooch who is still doing cute things just not on his runs



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