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Star struck!

See the video I made about this run here.

Mom continues to be real boring, running like a pug or a bulldog or something (which is to say slowly and without enthusiasm). For Saturday adventure we went to a nearby trail where it’s usually too sunny and hot to run and we hiked. Mom couldn’t even be bothered to do the filming, and so I had to wear a harness and carry the camera on my back. Must I do everything myself?

The problem with hiking with a boring person is that not many interesting things happened. I smelled lots of interesting smells, but those of you who aren’t expert sniffers like me wouldn’t understand…

The highlight of the hike was when Mom pulled us off the trail and these two giant beasts lumbered by. They also had on GoPro harnesses like mine, but much bigger. And instead of having cameras mounted on their backs, they were carrying their people up there! I was so excited that it didn’t even occur to me to bark at them. I just hopped from foot to foot, thinking of what cool thing I could say to make them want to be friends with me. But by the time I thought of something, they had already gone by. “Hey, Mom! Did you see the horses?! They were just like on TV, only these ones smelled like the poop that’s all over the trail!” Then I thought of something, “Don’t get any ideas about riding on my back,” I told her.

-Oscar the star-struck Pooch


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