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🌟 Mailman van

"Wouldn't it be nice if we could go on adventures whenever we want?" Mom twiddled through the Witch's mapps, remembering the places we'd been and pining for the places we hadn't visited yet. Wish as she might, the Stuck House stayed in place.

"I just wish we could be together every day like we were in the car-house," I said, remembering the trouble that the Witch's mapps could bring.

We may have traveled the world and learned many things, but Mom still hadn't decided what she wanted to be when she grew up. To give herself some time, she'd taken someone else's job while they were busy having a baby and wouldn't be using it for a while. Even though Mom wasn't tied down like before, she still dreamed of the road.

"There are plenty of places right here in California that we could get to in a weekend." Mom waved a finger on the screen and her imagination flew across fantastical landscapes. "We could do so much more if we didn't have to worry about finding a dog-friendly hotel nearby. And it would be nice to make our own food so we didn't have to eat fast food all the time."

"But I want to eat fast food all the time," I protested. "McRotguts are the perfect dog food for someone who lives in their car. You don't even have to leave the driving chair to buy them."

"I'm sure we'll pass many McDonald's, but it makes traveling a lot simpler if you don't have to go out of your way to find food. We could leave on Friday night and have Saturday and Sunday to explore. You can go pretty far in 6 hours of driving."

"But where could we find a car-house? Something like that must cost..." I didn't know how money worked so I picked a number that sounded big. "Two hunerd dollars!"

"Possibly even more than $200." Mom looked at me out of the side of her eye in a way that didn't make me feel like she was agreeing with me. She looked back at the Witch. "Maybe we don't need a fancy modified child molester van to travel. All we really used in that rental were the bed, lights... The stove was just a two-burner camp stove in a drawer."

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