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Haunted Highway

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Oh boy! Today’s adventure took place on a trail that could have been a movie set… of the movie was about visiting Earth after all the people were gone. See, this trail wasn’t like normal trails. It used to be a highway for cars back in Great Gatsby times. (Are you surprised such a handsome dog has read the classics? I’m more than just a pretty face! I’ll have you know that my obedience school had a wonderful literature program!). Mom said that on clear days you can still see old car wrecks waaaaay down the hills where it was too dangerous to pick them up.

Then, a long time ago they built a bigger, straighter freeway with enough room for cars in both directions, and the people abandoned the old highway for the bunnies to use. But bunnies are notorious tax evaders and not very good at public works projects, so now the pavement is crumbling and completely covered by dirt in some places, or almost completely overgrown with wildflowers. There are places where big chunks of the road have washed down the mountain, and the bunnies haven’t even tried to fix it. They just put a traffic cone there and call it a day.

If a colony of downhill mountain bikers (which are creatures with exoskeletons that kind of look like Bain from Batman) hadn’t moved in, then the bunny highway would have probably already been swallowed by the earth.

It was sunny when we started running, but soon we were running in a thick, creepy and clammy fog, just like in the movies. With the howling of the wind, and Mom howling from her doggie doping overdose it made for a very creepy scene.

Mom is a little bit scared of bunnies, but she is heart-stoppingly TERRIFIED of heights. Near the top of the mountain there was a spot where most of the old highway had washed away down the mountain and the ground dropped off hundreds of feet where the road used to be. The trouble was that I could smell that a particularly intriguing bunny had also jumped off at that point. Mom nearly cried as she inched her way through this point, screaming at us to cut it out. Danger, a post-apocalyptic setting, creepy fog, screaming, crying, bunnies and other monsters… this was definitely a horror movie. And I was the star!

Oscar the 


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