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Bodie came over again yesterday. We ran some laps around the house together so she could do her inspection of the house, and all was as it should be. But when we got up for our run in the morning, Bodie came in from a poo and whispered, “Oscar! Wanna see something secret?!?! Shhhhhh, follow me!” I followed her as she snuck out the doggie door and through the inky blackness in the dog bathroom. Like a miracle, the back gate to the dog bathroom was open! “Let’s go exploring!” Bodie whispered.

We crept out into the street and played tag in the direction away from My Trail, that we don’t know as well. A few minutes later, I heard Mom calling. “Let’s go see what she wants,” I sighed. “Let’s show her the neighborhood!” Said Bodie, sprinting back to the house at top speed, right on the center line of the street.

I went back to the house, but much to my surprise Mom wasn’t there. Then I heard her shouting again. I found her out in the street, barefoot, holding Bodie’s collar and looking like she’d seen a ghost.

We did do a patrol of My Trail after that, but the on-leash adventure paled in comparison to my expedition this morning.

-Oscar the Explorer



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