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Today Mom and I were headed out for a short run when we ran by the dog park I used to go to before I found out I’m an a-hole. Mom saw that all of our friends were there, and decided to see if I was still an a-hole. I trotted up, and my dog friends sniffed my butt. It took my people friends a moment to recognize me because by all accounts I’ve gotten kind of fat since Mom and I haven’t been running so much. It was going alright, but then the puppy came up that I used to beat up before I knew I was an a-hole. He’s all grown up now, and he recognized me right away because he didn’t waste a second before blitzing me. He jumped on me, I screamed, and then all the people started yelling while the baby (who’s not a baby anymore) tried to rip my face off. Payback’s a pain in the neck.


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