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Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Best. Day. Ever!!! We’re not at our usual house, we’re at a different house in the woods where everything’s in one room and lots of people go by for me to bark at. We got up as a family and I helped NotMom drive to a place where I’d never been before. Imagine my delight when there was a trail!!! But it got better, they let my sister off leash. I didn’t get to go off leash “because I’m an a-hole and don’t come back.” But something almost as awesome happened: NotMom put on my running leash instead of Mom. So my sister took off up the trail with me chasing after her at full speed, dragging NotMom, and Mom following all of us like the caboose. NotMom didn’t let the running last long, but we kept going and hiked up and down, up and down.

When we were done everyone was pretty hungry so we went to grab lunch. Us dog people got to sit at the table too, but the best surprise was still to come… We also got our own puppy platters, just like the human people!!! There were bread crumbles, shredded cheese, and apples (which are usually pretty gross, but I ate them because they had cheese on them.) And more was still to come…

We left the restaurant and went to The Beach!!!!!!!! Finally I got to go off leash, and I yelled, “YES! YES! YES! YES!” over and over for about 20 min while I ran around in circles, pausing only to frantically dig holes and smell the inside of the beach. The beach is so much fun.

THEN I got popcorn after dinner. I love this place! Do we live here now? I hope we stay here forever, and I get to do this every day!

–Oscar the Pooch


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