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Will run for love

You may wonder why I’m raising money for people puppies when there are so many dogs in need around the world. I’m so glad you asked! I’m a misunderstood guy. With my big brain box, sleek muscle definition, lustrous black coat and thunderous bark, sometimes people are real scared of me even though I’m just a lump of furry love that gets a little nervous sometimes. People who are scared of dogs can be real dangerous to a jittery beefcake like me, because it leads to misunderstandings when everyone’s scared of each other. When Mom adopted me, she agreed to spend my entire life keeping me safe from misunderstandings by teaching me how to be a confident man-dog, a good citizen and a gentleman. When I goof up, Mom is in my corner to keep me from taking it too far, translate my side of the story to people who don’t have doggy telepathy, and apologize if I really put my foot in my mouth.

Everyone is misunderstood sometimes, and everyone deserves to have someone like Mom who can help them understand the world and be confident with their place in it. That’s what having a family means. Dogs have their families to protect them for their whole lives, but when people puppies become man-humans and lady-humans, they need to know how to be good citizens on their own, or else the world can be a very scary and dangerous place. Mountain Circle Family Services and other organizations like it make sure that people puppies who don’t have their forever home yet, or are waiting to go back to their forever home, still get the training they need to handle adult world when it gets scary without getting withdrawn or aggressive.

Just like dogs, the way that people puppies become confident and well adjusted is by becoming socialized through play and adventures with other people. Unlike dogs, humans need special clothing and equipment for some of their obedience training activities. Like dogs, people puppies can’t grow their own money yet and so they need help from grown-ups to buy that equipment. The people puppies that come with families already installed get help from their parents, but the strays need someone else to take an interest so that they can get great socialization too.

Some grown-ups have more love to give than money, and others have money but wish their love could reach further. When everyone comes together, the love and the money make it so that the strays don’t feel like strays anymore. No one should ever feel like a stray, least of all an innocent puppy. So it is my job to use the gifts of my handsome face, my irresistible butt, my incredible running talent, and my blinding charisma to help make sure that the money and the love find each other. Then Mountain Circle’s job to get the love-money to the people puppies that need it. We have not promised any money to Mountain Circle. Instead we want to surprise them with the biggest pile of love-money we can stack up.

If you want to help us show stray people puppies that there is love in the world, and a place in it just for them, please consider expressing that love and support with a $5-10 donation either on Facebook (see below) or on my fundraising page ( Another way you can help is by sharing this post with other people who have extra love that they want to share.

No matter what, thanks for your donation, whether it’s money, love, or just a friendly smile to someone who’s feeling like a stray.

-Oscar the Love Whore


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