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When an explorer has discovered a spectacular place, it’s hard to decide whether to return to that place or leave it behind to explore new mountains. An explorer only has so many weekends after all. This weekend I decided to return to a mountain I’d climbed before that I remember as one of the best looking mountains that had ever stood under me in a portrait. What Mom remembered about that mountain was fighting our way through the branches of burly, hulking flower bushes that had taken over the trail and hidden it under their bulging branches. What we both forgot about was how steep it was.



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When we got to the top, Mom took out my most flamboyant hats for lots of pictures. If you don’t the word “flamboyant,” it’s what you get when you put together the word “boy” for manly, and “flame” for hott and it means “bringing sexy back.” I stood flamboyantly on top of the mountain, wearing my sparkly unicorn hat and my exuberant feather head dress. “Mom, why am I wearing two of my most manly hats today?” I asked while she pulled a giant feather out of the packpack zipper and tried to stick it back on the hat. “The feathers are because there is so much ugliness in the world right now, I want to remember that there is softness and beauty too,” Mom said. “And the unicorn is a symbol for strangers showing love and support through the internet, remember?” “Oh yeah!” I said as I up-uped onto the rock that Mom was tapping and looked hard for the camera as the sun came out from behind a grey cloud to highlight my muscles that were swoll from climbing.





Oscar the Pooch


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