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This morning Mom woke me up early because she said I had a big day and I needed to “get my Yayas out.” “Yayas” must be the name of the tribe of ants in my pants, because she took me on the longest run we’ve been on in a long time. We ran over to the new part of My Trail and ran all the way to the end to figure out where it went. I thought maybe it would end in a pot of gold, the Emerald City, or perhaps go on and on forever. But instead, about a quarter mile beyond where we turned around last time, there was just a stone wall with graffiti on it, and a chain link fence with the freeway on the other side. Here there be dragons. So we turned around and came back, and then Mom did the strangest thing.

As soon as she opened the door, she hooked my sister on the leash and went out again, slamming the door in my face. I did not like being left alone while others were having fun without me. I did not like it at all. They came back about 15 minutes later with my sister looking exhausted and Mom looking harried. Apparently they were only going to run around the block, but then my sister took a poo in the furthest possible yard on the loop. Mom had forgotten a bag, and they had to run all the way to a little park a couple of blocks away where Mom thought there was a bag dispensary – but there wasn’t! They were going to have to run even further to the school, but then Mom saw a newspaper wrapped in a poop bag in someone’s driveway. She stole the bag and left the newspaper, and then ran my (by this time very tired) sister back to the scene of the crime to clean up. Then they still had to run home, where I had worked myself into a FOMO frenzy.

But the excitement wasn’t over yet! Instead of kissing us goodbye and hopping on her bike like she usually does, Mom showered and put on her not-smelly clothes and invited us into the car with her. Then we all three went to the office! My sister has never been to the office before, because she can’t run that far, so I got to teach her how to be a business dog. I can’t wait to introduce her to the psychotic mail man!

Oscar the business mentor



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