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Unexcused absence

Yesterday Mom and I took a planned day off. She applied for a rest day in advance, went through the proper channels, and I granted it to her. This morning though, Mom had an unexcused absence.

Shortly before we usually wake up, I ran outside to bark at a dangerous critter passing through My Bathroom. I did this because my dog door is broken, so once I go out I can’t get back in without Mom letting me in. Thus, I ensured that she would be sleeping lightly at wake-up time. But then wake-up time came, and Mom was still asleep. As the first birds started to sing, my cat-sister started howling to be let out (my cat-sister does not care for the dog door – because she’s not a dog, I guess, so she prefers to use the people door). Instead of just staying in bed and grumbling at her to be quiet like she does for me, Mom got up to let my cat-sister out. She must have seen the clock on her way, because then she came running back like her hair was on fire and started throwing all her clothes into a bag. She gave me breakfast and lots and lots of forehead kisses, but then she ran out of the house. Without me. NO RUN!!!

Do you guys ever have problems with truantism in your running partners? How do you suggest I deal with this problem? I don’t want Mom to develop bad habits…

Oscar the Pooch



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