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The Pooch’s Birthday!

Today is my second birthday! I am now 2 years old. I notice that when people have a birthday, they usually run their age. So I ran 7.15 miles. (Dogs aren’t that good at math.)

Mom and I went to the special part of my path through the wetlands where there are bunnies and geese and thousands of screaming water birds and it smells like a fart at low tide. And I was so mature! I only chased one bunny. I didn’t stop a million times to pretend pee and poo (but really just sniff stuff). I didn’t chase the light-up robots that were sharing our trail. I was so good. My sister got to go to the dog beach later that morning with NotMom, but do you know what my stinkin’ reward was for being so good on my birthday run? I got to go with NotMom to the Home Depot. Being a grown-up sucks.

–Oscar the Grown-up



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