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The longest trail

Since we fell out of Oregon and landed in a familiar place in California, Mom said that it was okay for us to go on without a plan. According to Mom, when you find yourself in a place 5 times in a year, and your soul gets treats on every visit, then you ought to sniff that place very closely to see what it’s trying to tell you. She said that maybe it was trying to tell us that we should buy our house up here. I looked around and wondered if I would be the same Oscar if I lived in a place with cows and mountains in my back yard, rather than a place where 8 cars share my driveway and I have to bark at all of them when they come home.


The trail left right out of the parking lot and went toward Mt. Lassen. It wasn’t the toughest trail we’ve ever done, but we weren’t looking for tough today. It would have been easy running, but Mom kept stopping and walking, even when she didn’t have to. “What’s wrong with you? Don’t you want to run so you can see as much as possible?” I asked. “My legs are tired, Oscar, and today they would enjoy the trail more if we walked.” “But we might not get to see the whole thing. I know how much you hate that…”


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-Oscar the Pooch

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