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Scattering cows and chasing goats

Since I don’t have my driver’s license yet, I never know where we’re going to run when Mom and I get in the car. So imagine my excitement when Mom pulled off the freeway at the exit for Disneyland for Doggos. I’ve been seeing a lot of my friends running at Disney this week, so you all will get what it’s like to drive up to the Happiest Place on Earth™ and feel the excitement bubble out of you in a squee. Just like at the human Disney, there are animal celebrities to meet like sheep, goats, bunnies and chickens. There are toys and bones and rawhides all over the place, as if they were left there by magic, and you can just pick up and chew on any of them any time you want. You’re allowed to climb on the furniture. And best of all, everyone who’s there loves dogs, especially the princess of the whole kingdom: the Dean of my puppy academy. So imagine my confusion when Mom drove right past Deanland and parked in some lame car kennel. “Is she here?” I squealed, knocking Mom out of the way so that I could look out all of the windows for my Friend. “Are we going to meet The Dean?” “No, we’ll see her a little later. First we’re going to run,” Mom said. She clicked on the leash and we headed for the hills.






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