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Save the people puppies

The hardest part of being such a handsome, talented and charismatic dog is knowing that my life is so much greater than everyone else’s. It’s a big responsibility being so great, and I want to use my incredible talents to make the world a better place.

If you have known me for awhile, you may remember that I took Second Dog at the Running with the Bears Half Marathong last year, and Mom and I fell in love with Indian Valley. Mom loves Plumas County so much that she’s brought me back 3 times since then (and she even visited once without me). It is so different from where we live. In our town the people are all aggressive from being piled up on top of each other, and everyone has so much extra money that they need to pay more for everything just so it doesn’t pile up too high. Up in Bear Country people can live really far from their neighbors because they don’t have jobs at Google and Apple and Facebook that make everyone stack up in a pig pile, and they hang on to their money until something special comes along for them to spend it on.

In the mountains people puppies learn different lessons, too. They don’t need to learn to patiently wait outside Starbucks while their Moms wait in a long line, or to be polite in big crowds by calmly walking within 2 feet of their family and ignoring all the strangers. Instead, they learn things like how to raise cows and plants, how to find their way around in the woods, how to camp without setting the woods on fire, or how to slide down a mountain when it’s covered in white dirt.

But just like everywhere that people have puppies, there are some stray people puppies that can’t live with their families. Luckily, there are good and generous people in the mountains who bring stray people puppies into their homes, give them love and snuggles, and make sure that they do their obedience school homework. But some of those foster families need help buying them toys and equipment for the strays to grow up to be happy, confident, polite adult explorers.

I was adopted, and it was the best thing that happened to both me and Mom, but mostly Mom. We want to repay our good luck by helping other strays find the same kind of love and security that we have. Mom is “allergic to children,” so we can’t bring any home, but there are other ways to help. Instead, I have committed to raise money for Mountain Circle Family Services, which runs programs so that the stray people puppies can learn leadership through fun adventures a lot like those that Mom and I enjoy together. Just like Mom loves me, keeps me safe, teaches me about the world, and takes me to explore, Mountain Circle provides the same kind of love to the people puppies until they find their forever home.

I know that there are many great causes to support, so we are only asking for a $5 donation from those of you that also want to help stray people puppies. You can donate to Mountain Circle by clicking this link. Thanks so much for supporting us.

-Oscar the fundraiser

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