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Salt Lake City

Mom had picked today’s trail in Salt Lake Oh-My-God-No-Not-A-City!-Crap!-We’re-All-Gonna-Die!* months ago, long before the world was coming to an end. She also picked it long before we knew that my Friend lived only a few minutes from the trailhead. We didn’t get to visit the rooms inside, but we did wave at his family through the windows and had a lovely view of his front door from our camping spot. The campground was unlike any camping spot we’ve ever slept in before because it was a driveway on a street guarded by a nice man in the biggest tardis you’ve ever seen. “Your neighbors will be talking about you for weeks,” Mom said to my Friend in that voice she has for jokes. “How would they know a celebrity was staying in their neighborhood?” I asked. “I hardly came out of the Covered Wagon. Anyone could be in this unmarked white van with dark tinted windows and damage to the paint where the mailman sign had been ripped off and the weird suspicious mirror in the back.” “Yup, pretty much anyone,” Mom agreed. *official slogan of the Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce


band of pilgrims with the heartiness of Chuck Norris, so of course they aren’t scared to build their houses on the toes of some really colossal mountains. Instead of a flamingo, they just plop a sign in their front yard to be careful of mountain lions, and then go inside to starch and iron their shirts.








And that’s what we saw as we drove out of Utah, and then later through Nevada.

Oscar the Icicle


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