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Sad Sack

​​Mom’s been traveling and I’ve been home with the man who feeds me cheese, so we’ve had to use my push-up footage that we banked before she left. Yesterday she ran without me, and didn’t have any ants in her pants to do push-ups afterward. So Day 7 is actually consecutively Day 8, but I don’t think that matters for The Cause.

I spoke to Mom last night, after she ran what may be her last long race. I’m glad I wasn’t there, because it sounds like it was a mess! It took her morethan an hour and a half longer than she could run 2 years ago. But she says she’s glad she did it because in case this was her last long race, she didn’t want to quit.

Usually Mom can walk around and run errands after these things, but NotMom says she’s a pretty sad sack this time around and is tottering around like an old person. (Then Mom told NotMom to shut up, she’s really good at standing up and walking. Obviously. Because she walked for miles shopping with Notmom yesterday afternoon. So there!) There is also apparently an emergency-level chafing situation, which always scares me because when Mom’s chafed she screams in the shower. When she screams in the shower I get worried because someone might expect me to save her, but there’s no way I’m going in there to help. Mom says it is WAY harder to run any distance slow than it is to run fast because the slower you run, you have to work just as hard but for longer. I wanted to share that with my wogging friends in this group. It’s true, you know. I have to run Mom’s pace, and even when she’s fast she’s slow for a dog. And I never have to spend the day napping after the park like I do after dragging Mom after bunnies and geese for an hour!!!

–Oscar the Pooch #22pushups #22kill


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