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Running with the Bear

A couple of months ago my Friends up in the mountains called Mom to let us know that they were only letting a few very special runners run the Running with the Bears half marathong because of the boogeyvirus. Obviously I am a very special runner, so they told me that if I would raise money for the stray people puppies, they would let us run the race the regular way. “You mean I get to help my Friends AND visit them at this time when everyone’s so loney?!” I said. “YES!!! Yes! A million times yes!” Because I’m a generous and kind-hearted dog, and dogs of a feather stick together, I have a lot of generous, kind-hearted Friends who helped me raise money for the people puppies. People miss races, so I was really excited to tell them about mine.







When we finished, I refused Danger Breakfast while Mom made herself a cup of tea, and then we walked down to the river to enjoy the scenery together. We sat in the shade looking at the water and shaking our faces at the bugs trying to fly into our eyes. Suddenly, Mom stood up, stuck her toe in the water, and then started taking her shorts off. “What are you doing?” I asked. “I’m going to clean off,” she said. “I stink.” “Aw, you just smell like crotch, and armpits, and sweat,” I reassured her. “No need to get in that cold water. I love all your stinks.” “Well it’s grossing me out, and I’m attracting bugs” she said, dunking her shorts in the water and then doing the same with her shirt. “Why don’t you just change?” I asked. “Because,” she said, pulling with all her might to get her tall socks over her wet legs, “I want to take more pictures, and when we do I want to be wearing the same clothes…” “But we already ran 13 miles,” I said. “That’s what a half marathong is…”

-Oscar the bear-dog


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