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Rock climbing

Before the vet ties Mom’s knee back together I decided to take Mom on one final adventure. I hoped we wouldn’t have to drive all the way back to the desert which is very far away, but unfortunately Mom is the Weather Jinx. It was going to rain all over California this weekend, even Death Valley. Finally we found a place where it was going to stop raining on Sunday: almost all the way in Nevada, in the Moon-javi desert.


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wedged in the rocks like Winnie the Pooh in Rabbit’s door, I’d learned to fly, and at least one time I’d thought I’d be stranded there forever. I could smell adventure and I couldn’t wait to see what kind of a fix Mom had gotten us into this time.

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When Mom climbed up out of the hole, she looked like she had squeezed all of the stress out of herself like a sponge and now she was floppy with tiredness and relaxation. I was already doing my happy dance, sprinting back and forth in the little sandy area at the top of the Oscarfall. “Did you see that, Mom?” I squealed. “That was called rock climbing, what I did. And what you did was bullying. That’s what rock climbers do. They help each other and bully each other. We did it as a team!” Then I bounded to the place where the sky spread the rocks apart again.

When we were back in the sun we sat on a rock looking into the hole in the rock that we had just climbed out of. “See?” Mom said. “Aren’t you glad that we didn’t take the easy way around?” “There was an easy way?!” “Oh sure. I learn from my mistakes, you know. This time I made sure that there was an alternative route, and I brought your rock climbing equipment. See? We’re getting better at this.”

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Oscar the Rock Climber


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