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See the video of our run here. Mom gave me the BEST surprise the other night. When it was almost bed time, a car pulled in to My Driveway and my uncle (step dad?) got out! Then he opened the back door and my twin sister Bodie got out!!! My uncle couldn’t stay, but Bodie did! If you don’t have litter mates, I highly recommend you get one. Bodie likes playing all the same games, we never have misunderstandings about my barking, and since I’m the more attractive twin she makes me look better by comparison. Life is just better with Bodie around.

My excitement when I saw Bodie was overwhelming. I ran out and punched my uncledad in the crotch, and then ran over to get Bodie into a half Nelson. But she ran away so I had to chase her. 2 minutes later we had run 15 miles around the yard and had wrestled 12 rounds.

Since it was her first day back with us, Mom decided to do something special and take me and Bodie on a sunrise run at the Wetlands That Smell Like a Fart rather than a regular patrol of My Trail. This was a very special treat indeed because it’s BUNNY SEASON!!! and Mom’s scared of bunnies.

Bodie had to do her usual sprint right out of the car, like she’d been shot from a cannon. For Bodie, it’s a sprint to the bathroom. For me, it felt like shaking the old legs out with some exhilarating wind sprints. For Mom it was like being dragged behind a motorcycle; like that scene in National Lampoons Road Trip where the dog’s leash is tied to the back of the car, and Clark drives away… and the dog runs really fast and is fine. (I don’t know, I didn’t see the movie.) Anyway, in that scene Mom is the dog.

Finally Bodie stopped to poo, Mom stopped screaming, and I sniffed the fresh poo as it came out of the oven. Usually once Bodie poops we slow down, but when we turned back to the trail, there was a bunny sitting right in the middle of the trail about 50 yards away. Mom saw the bunny first, and tried to pretend like she could only run in slow motion. But then I caught a whiff of the… “BUNNY!!!!!” As soon as I’d alerted her, Bodie looked up and saw the bunny, and then we were sprinting again and Mom was screaming again. “What the heck is wrong with you?! Run and hide!” she screamed at the bunny, who was still sitting in the same spot, watching us barreling toward it at the speed of sound. “No! No! Noooooooooooo!!!!! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHMMMMFFF!” Mom screamed at Bodie as she finally ground to a stop, turned sideways like a batter, and planted. “Long-eared cat!!!” Bodie screamed with her doggie telepathy as she too ground to a reluctant halt.

And all that was just in the first mile. We did another 4.5 miles of bunny sprints alternating with Mom-paced recoveries. It sure is great having my pack back together!

-Oscar the Pooch


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