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Outside, revisited

It has rained nonstop since Mom got a bum sewn into her knee. Or, I think it’s rained nonstop anyway. It’s not like we’ve been out much to check. But it seems like every time I go to the bathroom or look out the window it’s either raining, looks like it wants to rain, or everything is wet because it just stopped raining. A lot of times all three things are happening at once. Don’t ask me how it can be raining when it also just finished raining, but trust me, it can.

This weekend it finally rained itself out, and the sun has come back to town. Just in the nick of time, too, because the cloud sickness always makes Mom feel like doom, and I would rather pee on the carpet than outside in the rain. The Covered Wagon, has been sitting out in the rain that whole time, patiently waiting for the bum in Mom’s knee to get better so that we can take it out for an adventure. Mom was starting to feel a little adventurous now that she was back on two legs and a few days of sun had shined the doom out from behind her thoughts. So we took the Covered Wagon to work so that we could have a teensy-weensy adventure in the morning. After work we found a dark, quiet spot along the coast to sleep, and Mom tucked me under my special adventure blanket. Then we let the howling wind rock us into the deep sleep that we only have in the van where chores don’t know where to find us.






Oscar the Pooch


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