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This week hasn’t been like other weeks. One morning, The Witch had just woken us up and Mom was still snuggling with The Witch (which she always does before snuggling with me… which she always does before getting up) when The Witch stopped what she was doing for a phone call. Mom never talks to anyone but me in the morning, but she put The Witch to her face and spoke. “What’s up?” she asked, but not in that normal way. Then she got out of bed and started getting dressed, which was all out of order from the way things are supposed to be. A few minutes later she was telling me that she loved me, and to be good, and that she’ll be back… which is definitely not the way things are supposed to be. The mornings are Mom’s and my time to run and explore, and she’s not supposed to leave me alone like that.



The Dreadmill get into The New Stuck House. I ran into the house excited to tell him all about Mom’s strange behavior, but at first I couldn’t find him. I looked in the garage where he likes to put things together and take them apart again, and I looked on the deck where he likes to look at the mountains. I finally found him on the couch, hiding under blankets with only his eyes, and nose, and petting hand showing. And he smelled funny too, like medicines and fear and another smell that I’d never smelled before but scared me.


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beach mountain where we used to sleep in the Covered Wagon on the nights when it was too long to drive home from work. It was not a good day to be at the ocean, because the mountain was holding February back so that the rest of the world could have a sunny summer Saturday, and February had swallowed all the distances.



while Mom squawks and whimpers like a giant chicken behind me. But just like when Mom calls my name from the bathroom, and I go even though I know it means a bath, sometimes you need to be brave to be scared. Not everyone’s brave enough to run to Mom when they’re frightened. What they don’t know, and I didn’t know until this week is that I really like nursing, because people who want to lie still and give me pats are my favorite people.

Oscar the Nurse


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