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Number one rule of running

Today we ran a new trail. Mom broke our Number One Rule of Running, and answered text messages on the run. The New Trail was steep, and every time she stopped to walk she would check her phone, and then dictate something in an angry voice before we started running again.

Because we were going so slow while she was focused on that stupid phone, I took advantage of the chance to anchor myself and give a serious sniff to whatever I wanted on the New Trail. Mom the Grouch did NOT like that. She made a really ugly frustration noise every time she had to run uphill against my irresistible 60lb of muscle pinning her in place. But then she would make ME stand still so she could take my picture. Sheesh! Make up your mind! She made me stop and take a picture as we ran along a ridge. It was a narrow trail, so she sat in the weeds to get a better shot of the view, and sat right in the middle of some thorny leaves. For the rest of the run she kept swatting at her butt because she still had thorns stuck in her bum-bum. Serves her right! But while she made me sit still, I looked around and realized that I knew this ridge! This was a trail I’d been to a million times before, we’d just run it BACKWARD! Mind: blown!

–Oscar the Pooch



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