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My own private outside

Hi, Friends! How have you been? I’ve missed you. Mom hasn’t let me write because she said that lately playing outside is something that people fight over, so you’re only allowed to talk to people if a screen is between you. I’m a lover not a fighter, but it’s sure been lonely without my own screen to bark at people with.


Haunted Highway, where we run up into nature with The City and My Hometown to our backs. At the bottom of the hill we run through the forest, where the trees peel like toilet paper after a cat’s gotten to it. After exactly one mile, the trail opens up like a balcony and I can look down over My Hometown one last time before I turn my back on it and run toward the hills where all you can see are lumps of land and the sky. If it weren’t for the sky strings and electricity trees, you might think that no human had ever been there before. But the best part is after exactly 2.5 miles, when I reach the top of the hill and discover the Pacific Ocean hundreds of feet below me. From there I can turn back home, or run straight down toward the ocean which is emptier than the closed off car kennels downtown, and stretches on and on to eternity.


This is actually from a different morning, because Mom didn’t like our Pacific discovery pictures from today.

I’ve discovered the Pacific Ocean at least once a week since Mom and I got home from our travels. Even though we run late enough in the morning that even the sun is awake, often the only other living things we see are the bunnies running across the trail like they missed the WALK light. But this morning was different. This morning Mom stopped the car in our usual spot, and there were a couple of dogs with a couple of people blocking our way. “HEY!” I shouted through the window. “DIDN’T YOU KNOW YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED OUT OF YOUR HOUSE?!” Mom shushed me, and then she barked, “Hi. Good morning. It’s good to see you.” “Mom, that family can’t follow instructions. The lady was leaning on a sign telling her to go home. Didn’t they see the sign coming into town that says to go away?” I asked. “I hate that sign,” Mom said. “There’s no need to be rude. And for my part, I’m happy to see people again. We’ll just keep our distance the same as we always do. There’s plenty of room for everyone.”



Oscar the Pooch


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