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More hotdogs in 2020

The first day of this year is also the last day of my family vacation, so Mom and I did our first run of 2020 near Las Vegas on our way back from the deserts of Utah, Arizona and New Mexico to My Hometown on the California Coast. Las Vegas has some of the gnarliest trails in the world, but because we wanted to start the year with a long run, Mom and I ran an easy-peasy trail that wouldn’t slow us down. “So what are your resolutions, Oscar?” Mom asked as we ran. “What’s a revolution?” “It’s where you pick something that you aren’t happy about and you make a rule to change the behavior.” “Oh, my revolutions are for you to stop getting so old, to give me more hot dogs, and to spend more time at the office,” (Mom and I work together, but because we carpool I always have to leave when she wants to). “No, it’s not someone ELSE’s behavior that you want to change. A resolution needs to be about yourself. So some good resolutions might be to keep in shape despite a busy schedule, or eat healthier.” “Oh, okay. So I revolve to eat more hot dogs, to spend more time at work, and to run more often.” “You’re getting older too, and I’m not the only one who gets stiff sometimes,” Mom said. “I think that maybe you should resolve to eat a healthier diet; no more scraps from the lunch table or hot dogs from gas stations, and cheese only on special occasions.” “Revolutions aren’t for someone ELSE’s behavior, Mom. Keep your revolutions off of me. I’m committing to eating more hot dogs.”



Oscar the Pooch



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