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Memories and paying attention


Mom is afraid of cliffs and I’m not fond of the heat so maybe not… There are lots of other tramps, and so much dog friendly hiking that we could have spent our whole trip here and hiked a different trail every day! We were going to hike on a trail that Mom said is one of the most famous mountain biking trails in the world, but then Mom read that all the sandstone could wear a handsome dog’s paws into bloody stumps, so she picked a different trail instead.







bacon, I have to be pretty desperate to eat a bowl of kibble. Mom said that I was being a spoiled brat and she ought to make me eat it, but she still feels bad for ruining my birthday so instead we went to a diner and got scrambled eggs, hashbrowns and bacon. Mom had the same thing, only with no bacon. I felt really special eating people food. I always knew that dogs were people too…

I thought that all I had to do for the rest of the afternoon was to nap, but Mom had another surprise in store. We got in the car and drove to ANOTHER trail! I was pretty pooped, but Mom said that she didn’t know when we would be back here again and she wanted to explore more. Luckily, this trail was mostly shady and stayed next to a river that we had to keep crossing and crossing over and over, so I had lots to drink and could stay cool.




Then we passed a poo bag that someone had left on the trail. Wouldn’t she notice that we’d passed it just a few minutes before? “Gosh, I can’t believe how many people just leave their trash in the middle of the trail like that,” she said. “Someone else left their poop bag in the trail just a few minutes ago. What pigs!” And we kept going.


Finally we met another group that we’d already passed, and I talked to their dog. “Heading back in, are you?” said the man while I was sniffing the dog’s butt. “What?” said Mom. “You’re headed back up the trail.” “I am?” Mom was surprised.


By the time we got back to the car-house, we had run and hiked over 15 miles and I was bushed. As Mom drove us to the next destination to sleep for the night, I sacked out in the bed and was asleep before my head even hit the bed.

-Oscar the Pooch

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