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Long-eared cat!

My note on this morning’s adventure was going to be about the giant tree that fell across my trail. Maybe I would get an opportunity to complain more about the weather…

But then we met a celebrity! R2-D2! Mom wanted to take a picture, but me and my sister were too scared to get near it. So I was going to make a joke about hysterical and frantic children meeting celebrities like Santa Claus and Mickey Mouse and taking hilarious photos…

We even met The Rollerblader in a tunnel where there is nowhere to hide, and I could have talked about that…

But that was before The Bunny.

I am afraid of The Rollerblader, my sister is afraid of nothing, and mom is afraid of bunny rabbits. When I see a bunny rabbit on a run, I take off after them like a bullet, and Mom gets dragged behind me screaming and pounding on the leash. It’s the one time I really don’t care what Mom thinks of me.

My sister doesn’t know about bunny rabbits because they don’t live close to her house, but she is way more into hunting then I am. She’s also less into paying attention to Mom than I am.

This was the first time that my sister has ever been on My Trail in the rain, so she was already really excited and speed smelling everything. Then she caught a whiff of the bunny rabbit. “Long-eared cat! Long-eared cat!” She screamed as she dove off the edge of the 15 foot berm. “Bunny rabbit! Bunny rabbit!” I screamed as I took off after her. Mom planted herself and roared in her monster voice, “Bodie! No!” We kept pulling and Mom started to slip. “NO!” She screamed with even more emphasis, as she counterbalanced so hard she went down on her rump.

This was starting get real, so I had a moment of doubt and waited to see which of these two ladies would win. Without my help, Mom had the weight advantage on Bodie.

“I want to sniff the long-eared cat!” Bodie whined, crouching down to get better purchase and leverage, and Mom started to slide over the edge of the berm. “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Mom screamed in her monster voice, so loud that it cracked. She yanked so hard on the leash that I think my sister went airborne for a second.

“But… Long-eared cat… please?” my sister sulked as we turned back down the trail. On a high from her adventure and still speed smelling everything, Bodie fairly pranced the rest of the way back home, dragging us along behind her. But Mom had asserted her dominance, and even when we passed the bunny spot again on the way back, nobody got dragged over the edge of a cliff.

Mom: 1, Bodie: a bunch of smaller 1’s

-Oscar the Pooch



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