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I’m Michelle’s dog now

Adventure Saturday is so big this week that we started on Friday. We got in the car and drove for almost the whole, entire day. Mom said that we were driving to a Rock n Roll race. “For rock stars like me?!”

“Well, yes, for rock stars like you. Only unfortunately, they won’t let you run in the actual race.” I understand. When you have someone as famous as me, having me in such a crowded place would just create a disturbance.

It didn’t take long for me to meet my first real, live fan when we got out of the car! Tanner’s Mom!!! Mom was afraid I’d be a Kanye West to her and bark my face off to scare her away. Like a Taylor Swift, I ran right up to her and said, “Hi! I love you! Scratch my butt! Where’s Tanner?!”

When I found out that Tanner couldn’t come, I felt so bad for Michelle. “Don’t worry! I will kiss your face when you’re trying to talk and sit on top of you so you won’t get lonely. Mom, go eat worms. Michelle’s my person now.”

Tanner’s Mom was signed up for the Rock n Roll 5K for her Saturday Morning Adventure, but RnR is anti-dog so in solidarity Mom promised we could do our own adventure. Rather than running the race route, Mom and I started by running on a parallel street. At every cross street we could see the barricades and all the people jammed in close together in the starting corrals. We practically had the street to ourselves. “Those people sure are suckers,” I told Mom.

“Yeah, but they get a medal and a t-shirt.”

“T-shirts? You mean those awful things that you tie me up in and then pose me for a billion pictures?” I hate pictures. T-shirts don’t sound like fun at all.

We heard them count down the start of the race as we ran a block away in the other direction, and then we turned away from the race and down to the water. We ran along the Embarcadero, and every couple of seconds I would turn to Mom and grin and say, “Isn’t this fantastic?” Then Mom would point the GoPro at me and take a picture.

I hate when she uses her phone to take pictures, because she stops running, and insists I stand juuuuust so. Where she wants me to stand is never near where the best smells are, and instead SHE kneels down in the delicious smelling spot and tries to get my attention. I try to discourage her by biting back my smile and never, ever, ever looking at her phone. But it rarely works. It’s almost as bad as t-shirts.

Today she took dozens and dozens of pictures of me running, and I was smiling in each and every one of them. There were pictures of me smiling in front of yachts, smiling in front of old timey sailing ships, me smiling in front of plain old water. Then, when we got back she accidentally deleted every last one of them.

“That’s okay!” I said. “I’m Michelle’s dog now. We just do selfies at the end.”

-Oscar, soon to be Tanner’s Step Dad



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