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Happy Birthday, from Oscar

Happy Birthday, everybody! That’s the greeting that Mom gives me every March 17, and now I’m teaching it to you. Birthday is a special day for dogs when they get to eat as much of their favorite foods as they want, and do some of their favorite activities. I think that Birthday is the best day of the year.

We started our family observation of Birthday ahead of time, because my Birthday celebration would take special preparation. After work, we left The City in the Covered Wagon and drove until late at night, and when we woke up we drove for even more time. Mom said that because of the bum in her knee she needed to be creative about my Birthday celebration and we had to travel really far to find the sort of adventure that a daredevil like me and a bum like Mom could enjoy together. “I think you’ll be really surprised when we get there,” Mom said. “I think you’ll like it a lot.”



cactupi or palm trees, no canyons or rock decorations, no tumbleweeds or mitten gods. It was nothing but wave after wave of naked sand piled so high that it made miniature mountains. “Mom! Are we in Star Wars?!” I asked. “I don’t know. I’ve never seen it,” Mom said. “I think it looks like Lawrence of Arabia or the desert in Super Mario.” “Never heard of them,” I said.










Oscar the Birthday Boy


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