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Foiled me once…

Humans have it all wrong when it comes to how they spend their time. They can’t help it, cave men evolved to sit still around a fire and stare at bright flickering things while they cook their dogs’ dinner, and that’s why modern humans just want to stare at screens all the time. When Mom tells people that we spend our weekends driving five or six hours to sleep in the back of the car, wake up early and hike, and then drive five hours back home again, they look at her like she’s crazy. They think she’s crazy because you can’t look at screens when driving, and your phone doesn’t work in the places where you can see the stars. What I don’t understand why they want to go home and stare at a flickering screen all night and then run in the same fart they always run in, if you could leave work and by bed time be so far into the wilder-ness that you can see every star in the universe?


having all that trouble with rivers. Sometimes a place defends itself from crowds by closing itself off to new explorers. It puts rivers and poison oak and white dirt and rain storms in their way so that they can’t discover a place. But if you are like Meatloaf on the porch of Fight Club, and you keep coming back to show your commitment, the place opens itself up to you. Today, the Trinity Alps let us in and showed us what they’d been hiding under the white dirt, on the other side of rivers, and behind a mask of smaller mountains.





yet again, without making it all the way to the top of the mountain.



Oscar the Pooch



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