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Even whiter Christmas

You’re never going to believe this, but last night it rained all over the Covered Wagon. Mom promised that it was going to turn into snow in the morning and that we could try hiking in it. I was excited to see it snow for the first time in my life, but when we woke up nothing was falling from the sky.





which was fake) and the near distance (which was filled with dumb humans who weren’t paying attention). “What do you like about the canyons?” I asked Mom, expecting her to say something about gift shops or flush toilets. “I feel like I can see time. It’s like watching a story that’s hundreds of millions of years old.” “You’re weird,” I said. “That’s why you’re not the writer in this family.”






Our hike was almost perfect except for one thing: I still hadn’t seen it snow like Mom had promised, and now we had to leave Utah because there was a “cold snap” starting tonight. As we drove through the mountains of Utah and looked longingly at the signs for all the National Parks we were passing that wouldn’t let me in, some dark, grey clouds rolled into the sky, and the road climbed up to meet them. “Look, Oscar!” Mom said. “It’s snowing.”

I looked out the window, but all I could see was the laziest rain I’d ever seen. On the car commercials and in the snow globes it always seems like snow happens with bright lights to make each beautiful snowflake sparkle, but this stuff was dreary and clumpy and didn’t even make that jingle sound as it fell. It looked like someone was just throwing toy guts at us. “This is stupid. I can make snow at home,” I said, laying back down in my throne of blankets for a nap.

Oscar the Canyon Beast


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