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Before Mom and I leave the left of the world, we had one adventure planned. You see, I like dooms, which is what happens when sand piles up so high it acts like a slow ocean. So when Mom found a race on some dooms in Oregon that allowed dogs, we signed up. “When we get to the end, I’ll have a very special surprise for you,” Mom said. “Surprise?! Is this a treasure hunt?!” I whimpered, looking out the Wagon windows for a hint. “Are we searching for buried treasure?”









We sat with Willy for awhile at the finish, but she still wasn’t coughing up the treasure. I’d seen this movie before, so I knew that even though Mom wouldn’t let me speak, I had to make her fall in love with me so she would give me the kiss of true love and then my wish would come true. “OSCAR! Be polite!” Mom screeched, pulling on the leash. But Willy thought my twerking was quite fetching, and she leaned over to let me lick the salt off her face. And with that kiss of true love, she took Mom and me over to her magical covered wagon to share our treasure with us. Mom squealed as Willy reached into the wagon and pulled out two of the thing that makes Mom most happy in the world. “DOG HATS!” Then she reached back into the wagon and pulled out a thing that had made all 17 miles of running through deep sand and rainshowers worth it. “TURKEY BACON!” I barked. It tasted like victory.

Oscar the Treasure Hunter


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