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Doggie camp

This past weekend, NotMom, Mom and my friend (and sometimes running partner) Caitlin went to a scary place where monsters with giant heads go around grabbing children. That place is called Disneyland. Some people just can’t help making bad decisions and putting themselves in dangerous situations, I guess. Look at the terror on Mom and Caitlin’s faces in the pictures: clearly they were regretting their decisions to leave me alone.

While they were running around Disneyland, trying not to get grabbed by lunatics in their pajamas hiding their faces in giant piñatas, my sister and I were at puppy summer camp. We stayed with my best people friends, and their two CATS! To make it even better, these cats aren’t allowed to run outside and over a fence, so I could stare at them all day every day until I fell asleep watching them. Every time I drifted off, I would wake up to tiny tentative noses sniffing me. I was super respectful and only got a few bops on the nose.

Best! Weekend! Ever!

–Oscar the Pooch



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