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Today’s push-up/run was all about distractions. Mom tried filming at some different spots on My Trail, but that meant that I had to clear the perimeter by checking and clearing all the peemail within my leash radius. Only then could I let her film me, but I had to stay on call in case of danger, or friends, or dangerous friends. And the king of all distractions: we had a German shepherd run right through our set. I’m kind of scared of German shepherds because I’ve come on too strong to a few of them. Germans really have no sense of humor! We even had distractions during Mom’s push-up set because she lost count of my push-ups, so she got a little creative getting me to 22 barely legal pushups. She tried to teach me to play patty cake as she did her push-ups. I did quite well, and once you see the end of the video I’m pretty sure you’ll agree…


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