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Breaking in

Edit: before the comments get too crazy, I would like to point out that this is a story not about breaking rules, but about going to some length to follow them (and respect the purpose behind them if the specifics of those rules were unclear) . Note that although the authors do not agree with all the rules, there is no description of any rule breaking (either real or fictional) in this story, other than needing to sleep outside a designated campground when it was full. All photos were taken within <100 yards of a parking lot, where NPS allows dogs on leash. We welcome debate about the effectiveness of these rules, but ask you to keep it classy in the comments.

If you’re a dog, you know that the world isn’t fair. It doesn’t matter that you put on a tie before going to the office every day. It doesn’t change a thing that you’re sweet and loving to nearly everyone that you meet (except the suspected murderers). No one cares that you have a service human who carries your leash around everywhere and picks up your poop. No matter what a good boy you are, there are just some places where you’re not welcome, and the worst of them are the National Parks.


Also, Mom wanted to visit the place with the traveling rocks.





With our Get Out of Jail Free Card sitting in front of the driving chair for The Law to see, we dropped down, down, down out of the mountains to below the level of the ocean. I had never been exactly here before, but I knew the place names from stories about the Badwater Ultramarathong where people run until their shoes melt. As we approached the target, Mom looked for a place to station the Wagon for the night. But everywhere we pulled over there were “No Camping” signs. Mom couldn’t prove that she was an honest human if we wasted our Get Out of Jail Free card by sleeping in an empty car kennel. “Why don’t you just pull off into the dirt?” I asked. That’s what we usually do when we’re in the wilder-ness and there are no car kennels to stop in. “There was a sign saying that’s prohibited too,” she moaned. “I think we’re going to have to go to a campground. National Parks are the worst!”




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Oscar the Outlaw


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