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Who’s afraid of the Easter Bunny? (It’s Mom…)

After back-to-back 13 mi days, Mom was hoping to run easy on our 10 miler this morning. But a certain irresistibly handsome dog had only had a 0.7 mile weekend, so Coach Oscar had a better idea and made sure she kept her foot on the gas pedal. We ran out to the secret trail in the middle of the Bay, and I was hoping to catch the Easter Bunny on his way home from a long day of hiding eggs.

After 4.8 miles, I was afraid I wasn’t going to see him… But then just before we had to turn around, there he was hopping along the trail. I took off so fast that Mom actually spun on the spot, and then I made her sprint. She was not happy about that, and stopped running altogether, refusing to move till the bunny was gone. Then I realized… That’s exactly what I do when I see The Rollerblader! I hesitate, get all tense, spin around a few times trying to find an escape route, and then plant myself and refuse to move. Mom must be scared of bunny rabbits! The tea kettle voice always relaxes me… Next time we see Peter Cottontail, I’ll bark at her in a really high pitched voice so she knows it’s okay.

–Oscar the Pooch



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