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The Icy Era

You may not know this, but there are humongous mountains not too far from where my Stuck House is. Mom hasn’t taken me there much though because those mountains aren’t a secret, and if we go at the wrong time the Covered Wagon has to wait in a line 200 miles long to get there. But since the trendy mountains are only a few hours’ traffic from The City, they are a perfect place for a weekend adventure. For weeks, Mom has been looking at the maps that show how much white dirt is left on the mountains’ hats and moaning that we’re in the middle of an ice age. This has been the year with 6 months of February, and the skiers are hogging the mountains and keeping the trails hidden under dozens of inches of white dirt. “‘High Sierra?’ More like ‘Icy Era,'” she groaned. But then this week Mom decided that we had waited quite long enough, and that we were going to visit the Icy Era “come hell or high snow.” So after work we waited in a line of cars 100 miles long, and parked like bandits in an illegal camping spot at the bottom of the trail.

IMG_5329 (1).jpg

banged rudely on the Covered Wagon’s windows, waking us up. Mom had wanted to sleep in to give the sun a chance the bang on the white dirt a little longer, but now we were awake. So we decided to stop parking space sleeping like bandits and hit the trail at 6am. “And don’t y’all let me catch you sleeping illegally again!” the sun said, looking after us like it was much later in the morning.


casinos.  Sometimes we climbed through woods where the rocks led us down a trail made of soft dirt and wildflowers, and where the fallen trees relax into fluffy piles of spongey wood chips. Other times we walked through places where all the big view-blocking trees had been knocked over and lay white and smooth on the ground like a bone yard. In the bone yards and we could see the sparkling bright grey lake on one side, and the spiky, crusty mountain waiting for me to climb it on the other.

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Oscar the Mountain Pooch

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