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Snow country

You know how I said it always rains in Las Vegas, well Sedona is even worse. It always SNOWS in Sedona. Mom planned this stop in Sedona around the middle of our trip so that we could catch up on things like laundry, food shopping, and Wagon maintenance, but by the time we got here everything had changed. Now we were in a city to stocking up on supplies in case we got marooned. Mom and I had been looking forward to the treasure trove of the hot bar at Ho Foods for a week, but when Mom came out of the store she looked creeped out. She looked anxious every time she came out of a building lately. It was starting to tick me off because I’m the one who’s supposed to have the panic attack when she leaves me in the Wagon. “Sorry, buddy. No chicken breast. The hot bar was closed,” she explained. “They were also completely out of canned soup. People who do their grocery shopping at Whole Foods would have to be pretty desperate to eat canned soup, don’t you think? There was a couple filling their cart sparkling water like that was going to save them from the apocalypse.” Apparently Mom had forgotten how fancy fuzzy water had saved her from dying a couple of days ago. “And there was a pair of girls at the sandwich bar ordering vegan grilled cheese who were dressed in all white like the Guilty Remnant… It’s like a movie.” “How long do we have to stay here,” I asked. “I like it better when we’re practicing social distancing.” “Well we were going to stay here for 3 days, but at this rate I wonder if we should hurry to New Mexico before they close the state borders!”

The last time we were in Sedona, a nice copper woke us up in the middle of the night to tell us that it was illegal to sleep in a Covered Wagon inside the city, so Mom and I had stopped on our way into town to reserve a spot in a campground. As we drove back up the dark mountain road with our emergency supplies, it began to snow heavily, as it always does at night in Sedona. The last time we were here, driving down a slippery forest road in the dark had seemed like the most dangerous thing that could happen, and I wondered if the invisible boogey-virus was actually more dangerous, or if Mom was getting her fears mixed up.






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