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If you don’t know already, Mom is the Weather Jinx and she brings unlucky and out-of-season weather wherever she goes. The last time we visited Valley on Fire Park, Mom brought so much rain it put the fire out. I felt really terrible about that. So on this trip it was really important that we come back and apologize for being such party poopers.




When we arrived at a long puddle in a narrow slot, I followed Mom up the wall. She reached across both walls, but I just stuck to the one wall and ignored gravity like a lizard. “Why don’t you just walk through the puddle, Dummy?” Mom asked. “It’ll be easier on your paws.” “Because I want to be just like you, Mom,” I said.


So we hiked back the way to relive all the wonderful things we’d already seen. The sun was even higher this time, so things that had been too dark for pictures before were ready now, and everything went even slower on the way back out.

Oscar the Pooch


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