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Cold Case (Cereal S1E1)

This is a new game I'm trying. Each day I'll release a new installment here on my blog and on Facebook. It's called Cereal! If you miss an installment on Facebook, you can find all the episodes here on Dog Blog dot Woof at There will also be games, bonus content, and other fun ways to play along.

I'm so excited to take you along on this adventure with me. On your mark... get set... GO!

👆 Mood music

My once-vibrant Hometown had lost its sparkle. The salty air seeped into everything, peeling away paint and rusting metal. The sidewalks were slimy with puddles and gritty with sand. The shifty ocean kicked the sand with its waves like it had something to hide.

I pulled up my collar to keep the chill out of my bones and hustled through the sand.

The doll running ahead of me checked nervously over her shoulder, as if making sure that I still had her back.

“Oh Oscar, it’s been months since I’ve seen the sun and I just can’t take it anymore,” Mom moaned in a breathy voice. “You’ve gotta help me.”

“I don’t know if you’ve heard the word, bird, but I’m retired,” I said, leaning back on my leash to show that my days of high-speed chasing were over.

“Oh,” she said again in that helpless way that broads in old movies used to get their way before feminism. “But nobody believes me! They all say San Francisco is supposed to be foggy. That I should be grateful that it’s not a hundred degrees like everywhere else.”

“Well, well, well…” I gave her a hard look, letting a wisp of fog curl between us. “Little Miss Know-it-all suddenly needs a private dog-tective, huh?”

“Surely such a strong, handsome, intelligent dumbshoe like you can smell when something’s fishy,” Mom gushed.

I could tell she was hiding something, but Mom’s the kind of dame who always has an angle and never gives straight answers, even when she’s got nothing to hide.

“I’ve seen a lot of shadows, kid. Are you ready for me to dig up something that you don’t wanna know?” I asked, not yet letting up on the leash.

To be continued...

Will Oscar take the case? What smells fishy around here? Tune in tomorrow to find out!


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