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Bad Mom!

I’ve raised an aggressive Mom! I’m so embarrassed. This morning we got a later start than usual, so there were more people on My Trail than at dawn when we’re usually there. We were going through a narrow section with a barrier on each side, and we came up behind a pack of humans, walking four abreast and blocking the whole trail. This would be no problem for a dog. We’re good at jumping over things, or running through bushes. But humans don’t have very good balance and instinctually want to stay on paths. So Mom barked at them, “On your left” when we were about 15 yards behind them. When dogs are well trained they ignore their surroundings, but when humans are well trained they pay attention to their surroundings. These humans were not well trained, and they didn’t react to Mom. So when we were about 5 yards behind them, she barked at them again. Nothing. At this point, I was getting a little stressed out too, because we were now surrounded by the non-dominant humans walking behind the 4 alphas. Now Mom was only about a foot behind the leftmost pack leader, and she barked one more time, turning her head slightly so that her mouth was right next to the rude human’s ear. When the other human flinched, just enough space opened up to her left for Mom and me to squeeze through, but not without Mom’s shoulder slamming medium-hard into the rude human’s shoulder. Now I’m afraid Mom will have to wear a muzzle, or I won’t be able to bring her to the human park.

–Oscar, the bad mom-dog



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